One of my first steps is our "meet and get acquainted" consultation.  We can meet either at a Starbucks, your home,  or at yours.  If it's more convenient for you, we can also "meet" via e-mail,  cell, or face-time.  And of course, there is no charge for this initial consultation.


If you decide you would like me to perform your ceremony (YAY), there is a $50 deposit required.  This is needed to secure your date and time for my services.  This $50 deposit is taken off the total fee, which always includes my travel.

I can take Credit Cards, Debit Cards, MO, checks or good ole' fashioned cash!  CC's are run through SQUARE.  Once you give me your CC number and the charge goes thru, your CC number is no longer in my system.  So no worries as to whether it's "out there".  


My basic Civil Ceremony fee is only $100, IF you come to my home.  Our place has a beautiful large back yard with lovely flowers and hanging baskets.  Inside our home we have a nice cozy  front room with a fireplace.

If you get married during the Holiday Season, our home and yard is fully decorated and blinged out!


Legally, you are required to have two witnesses to sign your Marriage License after your ceremony.  They have to be at least 18 yrs old, unless you live in WA State.  They only require your witnesses to be at least 12 yrs old (goes back to a very, very old law).

If you don't have witnesses available, I can furnish them.  I pay them $15 ea., which would be added on to my fee for your ceremony.


My rate for a basic ceremony, which includes our first meeting, is $150.  Then, depending on where your venue is, my travel is added to that.


Life happens, sometimes when we least expect it, so if you need to cancel an already booked wedding date with me, there is a $50 fee.  Your deposit will cover this cost.


If you would both like a pre-marital consultation, I am more than happy to discuss this option with you.  Notice I said "optional".  It is not a pre-requisite for my services.  However, if you choose, we would meet one time for an hour-and-a-half.  My fee for this session is $85.


Now comes the fun stuff, when we get to sit down together (if schedules permit) and discuss ideas for your wedding ceremony and share suggestions.  If meeting doesn't work out, we can always do everything via our cell phones.

Again, whatever fits your personality and whether you both want something traditional, religious, non-religious, or spiritual etc., what I say during the ceremony can be made-to-order, just for you!

Some couples like to write their own vows, or say a little something to each other, which is awesome and a wonderful way to start their lives together! 

However, whatever you write, you must READ!  Trying to memorize them might look good on paper, as they say, but when you are up there in front of everyone, you definitely don't want to forget something that was important for you to say, just because you were nervous and excited. 

A Rehearsal might be something you will want to have me participate in, especially if you have several people in your bridal party.  Which I'm more than happy to do, but would have to charge a bit extra to cover my time and travel.  Sometimes you don't really need me there, which would save you some money (something which I'm all for!!).  Obviously, that's something we would discuss.